Clark County Commission chair Steve Sisolak said Wednesday he’s been assured by the Oakland Raiders “not to worry about (stadium) financing. They have other people lined up.”

Sisolak made the comments on ESPN 1100 while addressing the potentially deal-killing exodus of billionaire Sheldon Adelson and Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs.

Sisolak said he’s talked to the Raiders and Adelson’s reps and urged them to “take a deep breath and return to the table.”

During the interview on “The Mitch and Pritch Show,” Sisolak added other names are “popping up” to fill Adelson’s void if he’s adamant about getting out. All of the names he’s hearing are casino owners, said Sisolak.

Earlier in the day NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made it clear during a Super Bowl press conference that having casino interests involved “is not something consistent with our policies. Not likely a stadium (ownership) role either.”

Sisolak noted “Technically, Sheldon was not going to own the stadium.” The stadium authority is the pseudo owner of the stadium.

Adelson committed $650 million toward the 65,000-seat $1.9 million stadium, with the Raiders chipping in $500 million. The other $750 million would come from public funding in the form of a Clark County hotel tax revenue.

The message from Goodell was loud and clear: any casino owners interested in getting involved with the Raiders ownership or the stadium project would have to divest.